Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rag 2011/12 - KreaSHion

Megalikes Sarah Lee 's comment on the straitstimes article! Initially I was upset of both writers and Eusoff. Eusoff don't deserve the highest glory which they have had solely for 2 years but should be shared among the Halls. After reading the comment, I have to agree that Eusoff is not the one to blame but only the 2 writers of that stupid article.

To all my fellow Kreashers, I am proud of you and myself as we built a float at lowest possible cost with greatest possible performance! Who could do it? Only KreaShion raggers, Krashers!

Seriously I couldn't find any words to describe how much I love u guys! May be in the past few years KR sought to win at all cost and lost the original vision of Rag. But, this year, KReashers, we have brought back the origins of Rag!

Since the 1st week of our official working period, I have seen how much effort Sarah and Melissa Teo both of you have made. You were not as experienced as Ruth, Beth or JJ who spent less time to complete the designs. Although most of your early designs were rejected, you never give up. Sarah your comment reminded me of what you did when I was still working in reading room. I could feel that it was exactly what you wrote on your comment that pushed you to work for so long hours every day. And yeah, this also reminded me the sweet encouraging sentence Ziyi wrote for you on one of your costume designs. To those people who disrespect Rag, my friend Sarah didn't think of winning (even if there was a competition) when she was doing her designs, but tried her best not to let Ziyi and Ben down; she wanted to produce costumes which fitted the theme the most and made dancers feel comfortable wearing her costumes.

Hmm... I feel like writing more for the rest...

Mayank Srivastava I can't say you have been a better ACE than the ex-ACE Willyam as what he experienced was very different from yours. However, everyone could see you have done a great job in playing your role. Albert and I were really lucky to have you in DP whereof we were able to bring you into Rag. Do you actually know if without you, all of Albert and my hard work in DP would have been worthless? Hmm... The only thing I am worried about now is whether you will regret to choose staying in Rag again next year. I remember you told me how much you didn't want to do Rag for 2nd time as you had planned to go home next year. In addition, Albert and I might not be able share your burden next year when you face the new challenges. Anyway, I am pretty sure your other Kreashion brothers are reliable. No worries, you will still see Albert, ziyi, willyam and me around helping out next year. And one more thing, do you remember the what I said you would receive if you join Rag when we were still in DP? And now every thing has realized, haven't they? Friends for a lifetime, growth in mentality, decision making, time management, etc.

Adrian Lim you are the most conscious engineer. I believe you know why I say you are the most conscious engineer. This might be the reason why you have the potency to lead the engineer team. Well I know you are graduating, but please, come back and help next year, to share the love you have in rag with new raggers! You have fallen in love with rag so deeply. With your talkative skills, you should make new raggers to fall for rag also!

Eddie Chong most people say you look like a noob, but those who are close to you know that you are damn smart! May be your brain works too much to make itself excellent thereby forgot to give you a smart look! Hahaha! Hey, don't waste your talent, use it to do something great! Better contribute it to Rag again!

Ee K Iy I would say Kreashers wouldn't have a smooth process of rag without you! Most people know you are extremely smart in doing construction and mechanism, but they might not be able to understand why this Rag process would have been tough without you. I am not saying that you are the most important person, as rag requires contribution from people of different skills. We need Ziyi's leadership skills, Albert's ability to influence people, willyam's multi-tasking, vivi's costume stylizing knowledge, etc. and so as your capability which you know the best.

Mohammad Kemal It is true that all engineers this year are good, but in my mind, you are the best! And I could feel how deep you love Rag. Everyone of us loves rag, but you love more! (This is simply my opinion.) Next year, all raggers need you again! I hope you will consider Albert's suggestion.

Di Jiun Leong you always just do work and do work, always be calm and ignore other things which I also think are negligible, haha! This makes you a good engineer but could you be more aggressive?

Joseph Chin you have been trying your best to contribute the most you could to Rag. Although sometimes you brought some worries or troubles to your Kreashion brothers, you actually hoped everything went smoothly. We all could see that. And your fellow Kreashers do love you!

Kaylene Tan Sze Hui you are strong since it is not easy for a girl to survive through Rag, as an engineer! Is it because your fellow male engineers kept playing joke with you and encouraging you, or you boyfriend secretly supported you from your back? Haha, just kidding, hope you have had a great experience in Rag.

Ming Xiang I really really like your videos! They are so much better than last year! When I was watching your videos, I always felt something that could not be described using words. This has something to do with my Krohanga experience.

Peirong Lin I would say you are a better op exec than your precedent. Because you are more approachable and your fellow engineers could bully you easily! hahaha!

And for all seniors, it is a pleasure to be with you in Rag for 2 years. You all have not only given your juniors a great rag experience, but also your fellow Krohanga raggers.

Frankly, before Kreashion, whenever people asked me whether I like rag, I always answered 'No, but my friends from Rag!' But this year, krashers made me love Rag!

From now onward, I will answer 'Yes, I like Rag! It gives me something you will never know!' :D