Monday, November 15, 2010

Final Reflection

Frankly, ES2007S is the only module I had really enjoyed thus far in NUS. Not only because the effective communication skills I could learn from the class, but also its learning environment which was conducive and relaxing. Moreover, I could get to know so many friends.

After 13 weeks of learning in ES2007S, it is time to write the final reflection about what I have had gained from this module.

Firstly, I learnt to apply 7Cs into communication especially through blogging. Every time I wrote a post, I spent quite a long time to think what and how to write. I was worried about writing something inaccurate whereby confused the readers. This had indeed trained me to communicate effectively. Besides, the comments given by Brad and classmates had been reminding me what mistakes I used to be ignoring. On the other hand, commenting on classmates' blogs had been urging me to read through their posts carefully so that I fully understood what they were saying before I wrote my comments. This might be because once I clicked 'submit', my comments would be shown to the whole world, so I considered twice for everything before I wrote them. As a result, I had learnt to be patient in communicating with classmates.

Secondly, the common discussion in class allowed me to practise to be a good listener. In the meantime, I tried my best to contribute to the class whenever I have opinions with regard to the topics being discussed. In the beginning the semester, I dared not to speak so much as I was worried about giving bad ideas. However, I changed and tried to voice out my opinions when I realised that Brad and all my classmates were so nice. Now, I tend to think that giving whatever opinions I have is better than just keeping quiet. This is what a discussion is about. We won't know whether our opinions are constructive unless we voice them out.

Thirdly, the peer teaching, mock interviews and project activities such as oral discussion and presentation had further enhanced my ability to communicate more effectively and interact better with everyone in class. For instance, when I acted as an interviewee while my classmates acted as interviewers, I kept reminding what I should do and should not do. I did the same for all other activities.

All in all, I have learnt many effective communication skills from this course. In fact, some of my friends outside the class have noticed and appreciated my improvement.
Hey guys, I will still write new posts after this semester. I hope most of you will do the the same and come to leave some comments for me :D! All the best for your exams.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflection on Oral Presentation

Before I give a reflection on my oral presentation, I would like to thank Edmund, Nan and Cosine for their efforts and collaboration to complete our project proposal and presentation. In particular, I really appreciate their willingness to spend so much time to travel from one place to another for filming, especially Edmund who had to travel for about one hour from his home to reach NUS.

  Firstly, I believe that I had made an ample preparation for my part. I reconsidered and reconsidered about what I wanted the audience to know from my presentation. I tried to focus on the main problem. Then, I designed my part of presentation with a goal to attract audience's attention. However, I was lack of artistic senses in preparing my slides. The previous version of my slides was terrible, be it the choice of colors or the font sizes. I would like to express my gratitude here to Nan for helping me refine my slides. Besides, I rehearsed a few times before the presentation though every time I said some different things. Frankly, my presentation today was not as good as the rehearsals because I missed out some points. :( In addition, I did not speak fluently.

  I think that my delivery was quite satisfying since most of you seem had understood the problem. This deduction was derived from the situation that not many classmates questioned about the 'problem' during Q&A session. Is it just my own Utopian belief or indeed true? Nonetheless, my pronunciation was not accurate and this might have affected my presentation.

  While for the use of audiovisual, I think that the video was engaging and explicitly showing the problem to audience. In the meantime, There were some silent moments whereby catching audience's attention and allowing me to say something. However, the background noises of the video is degrading its quality.

  It was a great experience and I will keep the video of my group presentation forever. By the way, thank to ES2007S, I was able to produce the first video in my life, from thinking the scenes and the script to editing video. Of course, I could not make it without my group-mates' ideas and helps.

  What do you think about my oral presentation? Feel free to leave your comments here. Every comment is appreciated. Thank you :D!