Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflection on Oral Presentation

Before I give a reflection on my oral presentation, I would like to thank Edmund, Nan and Cosine for their efforts and collaboration to complete our project proposal and presentation. In particular, I really appreciate their willingness to spend so much time to travel from one place to another for filming, especially Edmund who had to travel for about one hour from his home to reach NUS.

  Firstly, I believe that I had made an ample preparation for my part. I reconsidered and reconsidered about what I wanted the audience to know from my presentation. I tried to focus on the main problem. Then, I designed my part of presentation with a goal to attract audience's attention. However, I was lack of artistic senses in preparing my slides. The previous version of my slides was terrible, be it the choice of colors or the font sizes. I would like to express my gratitude here to Nan for helping me refine my slides. Besides, I rehearsed a few times before the presentation though every time I said some different things. Frankly, my presentation today was not as good as the rehearsals because I missed out some points. :( In addition, I did not speak fluently.

  I think that my delivery was quite satisfying since most of you seem had understood the problem. This deduction was derived from the situation that not many classmates questioned about the 'problem' during Q&A session. Is it just my own Utopian belief or indeed true? Nonetheless, my pronunciation was not accurate and this might have affected my presentation.

  While for the use of audiovisual, I think that the video was engaging and explicitly showing the problem to audience. In the meantime, There were some silent moments whereby catching audience's attention and allowing me to say something. However, the background noises of the video is degrading its quality.

  It was a great experience and I will keep the video of my group presentation forever. By the way, thank to ES2007S, I was able to produce the first video in my life, from thinking the scenes and the script to editing video. Of course, I could not make it without my group-mates' ideas and helps.

  What do you think about my oral presentation? Feel free to leave your comments here. Every comment is appreciated. Thank you :D!


  1. Hau, you did speak fluently! Indeed, I did jotted down a point that you have shown good confidence which helped you to have a smooth flow throughout your presentation.

    The only drawback was that the pronouncation of some of words were not very clear.

    Well done!

  2. Hau!

    I can see that you have improved greatly since our peer teaching. I'm not saying that the peer teaching is bad (it was really good), but you came across as more confident and prepared this time round. And you did speak fluently!

    Good job!!! keep up the good work! =)

  3. Hey Hau,

    I think you did great in the oral presentation. You speak fluently and your transition to Cosine is excellent. The only thing you need to improve is pronunciation of some words. Also, I did notice that you were staring at the floor for a brief moment of time.

    Anyway, you did a job well done. Oh, and thanks for your review about my presentation!

  4. Hi Hau!
    You have done good job in your presentation!
    I think you have good gestures to express your opinions better. Besides, your tones vary with time, which can also make us understand better. The only drawback is your pronunciation of some words. Sometimes, I didn't catch your meanings and I can only guess.
    Over all, you have done a good job and improve a lot.
    See you around!
    Brooks~ :-)

  5. As you see, Hau, this detailed review has generated lots of useful feedback. Thank you for your effort with this and the project & presentation!

  6. Hello Hau!

    It was fun working with you on this project and presentation. You are a reliable teammate who will put in lots of effort to come up with a good piece of work.

    I guess you need to slow down abit in your speech and work on your pronunciation. It will help you greatly in future.

    See you around me friend. Keep in touch!

  7. Hi Elin, thank you:D! I will try my best to improve my pronunciation.

    Sheila, yeah, I think so, haha! But I still did many mistakes.

    Riyan, yeah, I also realised that I somewhat starred at the floor a some moments. I will take note of it :D.

  8. Hi Brooks, thank you. Hmm...my apology for making you guessed what I said in the presentation. I will improve it :).

    Hi Brad, yes, that is true. I will write all my posts in detail from now on :D!

    Hi Edmund, I am glad to be in your group. You are so excellent and I don't think we could complete our project without you. Yes, I will remember your advice. :D Thank you.

  9. Indeed, true to what the others have said, I really find the transition to Cosine to be pretty well done.

    Overall it is a fluent presentation and the ideas were clearly delivered. For the pronunciation part that some have mentioned, maybe you can slow down your speech a little bit more, so that articulation can be clearer and at the same time allow you to think words to use for the subsequent parts.

    Just my two cents' worth =)

  10. Hi Lishan, thank you for the compliment and advice. I will try to do what you said next time :D!