Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 11

This is a week imbued with depression.

Walking on a street, glancing at people's facial expression, I noticed that people seem like losing smiles. On the Facebook, I realised most of my friends are complaining... assignments...exams...relationship... Some people just hope to stay away from this place while some people call helps from others. These two weeks, everyone has a lot of assignments and projects to do, yet more and more activities coming up. In the meantimes, final exam is approaching. The similar incident is taking place in Malaysia Universities. They have just begun their exam weeks. Yeah, my fellow friends seem like living in the hell.

Isn't education designed for having a better life? Isn't university established for people to gain knowledge based on their interest? Like what Ken Robinson questioned, do schools kill creativity? Nowadays, most students go to school without 'smiles' - the smiles from the heart that stimulated by the expectation of what they will learn in the school today. Most students study for better grades, not for interest. They believe they will have a better life in the future if they attain a higher CAP now. However, they have a worse life today.

This is week 11. This is a week with no smile, again.


  1. Hi Hau!
    I agree with you~ the function of education is to impel students to explore what they are interested with curiosity and passion. We should try to do what we want to do during the semester. Passion and curiosity have long lost from our hearts. It is really a luck thing that we know what our interest is and can focus on it.
    Smile can always warm everyone's heart, including himself.

  2. Hello!

    Week 11 has ended. It's Week 12! And before we know it, it's the examinations, oops, I mean holidays!!

  3. No no. I even laugh more during this sucked time haha. Too crazy with projects esp FYP which I don't know how to finish CA2 on time since I don't have any clue to do it now. But the crazier I am, the more I laugh =D is it the sign of craziness? oooops

  4. Great one, exactly agree with what you mention. By the way, it totally depends on each individual's perception towards EDUCATION. Commonly, more and more people found there's nothing others rather than score well in the exam. However, some might start thinking what they can do without really a very good grade. Start thinking of what can we really EARN from this education apart from exam grades.

  5. Hi Brooks, I agree with you :D! Let's smile!

    Yong feng, haha...you are right!

    Hong, hmm...that was crazy! hahaha!

    Kenny, what you said is true. I am doing in that way, haha...