Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lost my phone

It is just like a curse.
Once the devil of all bad lucks hunted you, bad things continuously come up for you.
CAP dropped drastically, the girl I fall for has just been attached, whole vacation is sacrificed for just one CCA, and now, I lost my dearest personal assistant -- Samsung Omnia II.

Some people believe that life would balance itself. If you are facing extreme bad luck, extreme good luck will reach you soon. Well, I admit I have had some lucky moments from time to time. However, I haven't really gotten whatever I wanted since 16yrs old, but losing many of things I treasure the most.

Angel, where are you? Do you hear my plea? I have been trying so hard to make myself stronger! Now, I am tired, really really tired...
...Angel, are you ill?
...Angel, are you sleeping?
...Angel, have you abandoned me?
I give you panadols. I buy you an alarm clock. Please, visit me!