Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lost my phone

It is just like a curse.
Once the devil of all bad lucks hunted you, bad things continuously come up for you.
CAP dropped drastically, the girl I fall for has just been attached, whole vacation is sacrificed for just one CCA, and now, I lost my dearest personal assistant -- Samsung Omnia II.

Some people believe that life would balance itself. If you are facing extreme bad luck, extreme good luck will reach you soon. Well, I admit I have had some lucky moments from time to time. However, I haven't really gotten whatever I wanted since 16yrs old, but losing many of things I treasure the most.

Angel, where are you? Do you hear my plea? I have been trying so hard to make myself stronger! Now, I am tired, really really tired...
...Angel, are you ill?
...Angel, are you sleeping?
...Angel, have you abandoned me?
I give you panadols. I buy you an alarm clock. Please, visit me!


  1. Believe in yourself, trust yourself. Believe the belief of yours, life will balance itself. You will have a great life in future, just the time hasn't been here. It's a great training for yourself, and your life. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Hau!

    Sometimes... life just bring us down... just give us shit that we think we cannot endure... think of it this way... life is a never ending challenge... when you are suffering you are actually growing your roots of wisdoms to anchor your tree of life deeper into the ground... giving experiences to better manage your life in future so that the tree will bloom in due time!

    Hang in there my fren!

  3. Kenny, thanks for the advice! I will try my best! :D

  4. Hi Edmund,

    Absolutely!! :D No wonder you are so successful in your life! I will imprint ur comment deep in my mind!