Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hectic life

Can't believe the 1st week of Semester 2 has gone.

The new semester started before I managed to take a breath. Being the set engineer of Kent Ridge Hall Dance Production, I began my work since the week after the exam weeks last semester. It was from Monday to Friday, from doing solid work, estimating and buying raw material to leading stage crew to build all the sets for performance. To avoid stage crew from being demoralized by the tough work ( as what I had experienced when I was a stage crew last year), I put in a lot of time and effort to simplify their work. However, it was not easy as I had to compromise with set manager and deginers.

Thinking to slack off myself in the last week of vacation, new job came and knocked my door. My Video Production Team (VPT) chairperson promoted me to be the vise chair. Since then, I have been working every day for the Inter-hall Games.

Well, this is just the starting point of the semester. There will be even more work coming on the way. Although most my times are taken away, it is being a good experience in my life. I have had learnt so much from CCAs this academic year. Good job Min Hau! :D

Cheer up and don't fall down!!


  1. Great ! I'm glad to see your active in such innovative productions and that you are still blogging! Three cheers, man!

  2. Haha Thanks Brad:D!
    I wanted to do blogging more often, but too busy to do so, haha...