Saturday, January 29, 2011

1st round Interview

I went to NOC 1st round interview at 9am yesterday. It was the 2nd time applied as I failed it last semester. 'Sigh....' I swore to improve my ability after my 1st failure. But I was too busy with CCAs and did not really follow my plan to train my ability. However, I was well-prepared this time. And I did very much better than last time. However, I was still not able to listen carefully the problem given, whereby not able to give good ideas during the group discussion. I really really hope I will be shortlisted to 2nd round interview.

Anyway, this morning I met a senior while going to film Inter-Hall Game Softball match who knew a couple of friends applied NOC before. He said one of them did not pass the 3rd round interview. Oh gosh!! If I happened to struggle so hard till 3rd round, and screw it up at the 3rd round, I will really CRY!!!

Anyway, for now, I can do nothing but wait for result to come out....

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  1. Good luck, just keep it up! I think if you are able to pass the first 2 rounds, your 3 round will not be a problem! Haha..