Friday, September 17, 2010

Feedback on Peer Teaching Session 4: Designing survey questionnaires and interview

Dear all,

Thank you for paying attention our peer teaching on Friday. We hope you had learnt some techniques to conduct surveys or interviews from that session

Feel free to give us any comments you have here. All comments are greatly appreciated!

Have a nice recess week! :D

Min Hau, Riyan, and Sheila 


  1. Hi team 4,

    Thank you for the interesting lesson on friday.

    The content was really useful for our current projects and many more projects in future.

    Thanks for the effort!


  2. Hi team 4
    Thanks for the teaching on friday. I found it fruitful.

    Min Hau, your powerpoint slides were very clear and creative.

    One thing that may be improved is the coherent between different people's part. You may make it more like ONE presenation instead of 3 presentations.
    And thanks for the chocolate. Were very delicious too.

  3. Hi, group 4

    I think the peer lesson you conducted was really an interesting one. You guys have a good sense of humor, which made the class lively. Many interesting examples were uesd to illustrate the ideas and there was much interaction.

    What may need improving is the time control. Also, you seem to be quite nervous while presenting. It will be better if you could perform confidently.

    Anyway, that was an excellent peer lesson. Thank you.