Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Interview

I went to NOC 2nd interview at 11.20am , on 8 Feb 2011, Tuesday.

I was quite nervous before the interview. However, I am mentally more well-prepared for this sort of interview this time. This is attributed to the course Communication Skills I took last semester. And I would like to thank Mr Blackstone again for all the advice he gave me.

However, I am not sure how high the possibility I would pass this interview. I did not perform so well during the interview, but not too bad. I was asked why I decided to go on this programme, why they should choose me why choose Philadephia, etc.

Haiz... In fact, there would be a lot of sacrifices if I am in NOC programme. For instances, I have to extend up to 2 semesters to graduate, loan would be heavier, CAP would be affected, lack of time to look for a life partner, etc...

However, the experience from NOC will really really pay off the opportunity cost! I believe!

Hope that I have pass the second interview! All the best! :D

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