Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bought 2 fiction books & 1 business stories book! :D

Oh my GOD! Two fictions for $5, how could I miss such a great deal!!

There is a bazar selling 2nd books at school these few days.
I know I have been too busy to read non-academic books since I began my University life. However, the books are so cheap!! I am still hesitating whether I should buy more! :D
Anyway, I bought two fiction books which are 'Bone Man's Daughters' and 'New York Dead'! Yeah, both are under horrible category. Haha... Only this kind of books would not bore their readers.

Well I bought another book ' The best business stories of the year 2004'at $3.90. I am quite ambitious to own businesses in the future. Hence, this book really grabs my heart though all the stories might not fit into this new knowledge-based economy :D.

In fact, I have yet read the books I bought last yet, haha! It is okay, I just put them aside for the moment. I promise I will read them all after this semester.

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