Monday, April 11, 2011

I am back :)

Today is 11 April 2011, 2 weeks away from my final papers.

I have been away from blog for quite awhile. The life has been so hectic since the semester commenced. Many things happened in the past 2 months, but I did not jot down any single word that traced my stories.

Well, I could still remember a few important incidents which happened in March and early April.

4,5 March: Dance Production.
After months of sweat and efforts, my team and I had finally brought a great show onto the stage. It was the first time, the first ever, I took up a great responsibility to lead a team in accomplishing part of the colossal project, Hall Dance Production (DP) 2011. In fact, my team wasn't playing the most crucial role in DP, but we were still important. It was really a great experience. And certainly I know I couldn't make it without him, my best friend in KR, Albert Milando. Here, I would like to thank him and all stage crew again for giving me such a memorable experience in my year 2.

4 March : Failing NOC interview.
Yeah, I was really upset of myself being not able to go NOC. Joining this kind of programme is in fact the reason I chose to come to NUS. However, I had failed. Sigh...
Anyway, it wasn't too bad! May be there is something better waiting for me if I did not go NOC. I am looking forward to a better success! Moreover, if the prophecy is true, Dec 2012 will really come. Therefore, I should spend the rest of my time with my family and probably, find a true love which I have never had.

6 March - 31 March: Returning to a normal undergraduate.
Nothing much exciting, midterm tests,assignments, homework, etc. made me suffer throughout the whole months.
However, I began to involve myself in Rag designers meeting since the week after DP. Frankly, I don't see a clue to win Rag this year. I am quite demoralized this time.

1 April - 11 April :
Life doesn't change much, but I bought a video camcorder. It costs $179. However, I got a $10 worth voucher and free tripod which costs $17.90. It was really a great deal!
Hmm... Why did I buy it? It might probably be because I am in video production team. However, I really wish to film down every single footstep I trace in my university life.

11April: Lazy to study/overwhelmed with stresses
Sigh, exam is approaching, but I am just not motivated to study. Sigh, recalling back what I did when I was in secondary school and high school, I was so hardworking as I aimed to be the best student. But now, there are so many distractions and I just cannot concentrate on study. :(

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