Friday, April 29, 2011

What is inspiring me...

I have been curious about how social businesses survive and emerge to be the best way to generate funds which help the people in need.
I went to a talk on 2nd April 2011 (Saturday), by My Paul who has shown his face on TED.
He is the chairperson of B1G1. The concept behind is buy one free one. However, it is not for the a customer to buy one and get another one for free. Instead, it is whenever a customer buy a product from them, someone who is unfortunate such as blind could get a little financial help.

B1G1 is doing profitable businesses, generating positive revenue, to raise fund for the unfortunate people. I really appreciate what they do.

In fact, I am not a person who is willing to do a social business. I was born in a poor family and I found there the world is totally filled with unfairness. I experienced some bad incidents in the past. Yeah, it is true that there are many friendly and kind people. But there are many self-fish and cruel people. More generally, there are even more people having these good and bad attitudes simultaneously. What about me? I would say I behave as a bad guys to bad people, but I always sympathize people who are purely unfortunate.
I am ambitious to set up a giant business in the future. However, if I will one day become rich, I would not donate all my incomes to others. Being sacrificing so much to improve my life, I deserve a better life. Nonetheless, I will use my hands to pull people with bad luck up from their 'viscous circle'. Moreover, I will donate a portion of my income to people who are really unfortunate.
That is why I would not say I am a good man who will join social entrepreneurship, which work for unfortunate people. I will still do business on one hand, and help people on the other hand. However, what make me different is, I work for my family and myself, but give helps to people in need.

Anyway, I am really inspired by Mr. Paul for what he has being doing. He is indeed well-known as the wizard of wow.

Social Entrepreneurship - The wizard of wow

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